SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On Ear Headphones Review


SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On Ear Headphones

What would expect from a high-end headphone system? Is it great sounds? Or Comfort? Or else is it the feeling of wearing a high-end headphone? All that comes in one package with the SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On Ear Headphones. It represents the legendary rapper without blemishing his reputation a bit. If you are a fan of Curtis Jackson, popularly known as 50Cent, this is the best selection for you. Enjoy his music from a premium quality headphone system which is an indication of the hip-hop rapper’s contribution to the music world. This headphone system differs from all the other headphones available in the market for it carries an attitude with it. Wearing it will make you feel it. This is the first ever wireless headphone system with Kleer sounds in the world to be endorsed by a hip-hop artist. However different and good it is, there are a few almost negligible production flaws. To find out more about SMS Audio eadphones by 50Cent wireless over-ear headphones, read through this article.

Design and Comfort

For how long are you planning to sit down with a headphone around your head? Is it for a couple of minutes? Probably not. If you reckon it carefully you will find that you wear your headphones sometimes for hours, if you are a lover of music. On this basis, you would realize comfort is one of the most important properties tied with headphone systems. White leather ear cups made with luxurious ear cushions will seal your ears without pressing on them. This allows longer listening sessions without the least feel of any discomfort. Padding under the headband is also highly comfortable and does not put weight on your scalp. However, unless you use this headphone system with some extra care, both white ear cups and headband area may degrade. The material is not sweat-proof, and therefore absorbs sweat. With careful use, you can use this wireless headphone for extended time periods.
The hip-hop artist endorsed headphone is especially designed for highly fashionable users. Even more than being a headphone, you will figure it as a fashion accessory. Therefore, it is delicate and designed for gentle use. SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On Ear Headphones comes in multiple colors. You may choose yours which will match with your lifestyle. The white-and-chrome model is trimmed with subtle blue and grey lines. Instead of mentioning the brand name on the left ear cup, SMS Audio prints it on the headband. The headphone is adjustable and it will adapt to the size and shape of your head perfectly. However, do not use it in sports unless you want to drop it. Always remember, your SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On Ear Headphones is an over-ear headphone.
SMS Audio has also concerned the convenience of carrying and storing this headphone while not in use. You can either fashionably wear it around your neck or store it safely in the semi-hard neoprene-wrapped case.

Sound Quality

SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On Ear Headphones is a high-end wireless headphone system that delivers great sounds. Curtis Jackson wouldn’t have endorsed it with his name on it otherwise. It features high quality sounds certified by Kleer Digital. The special dongle which comes along with the device is a high-tech appliance made by SMS Audio to transmit high quality audio without compression or loss of quality. In Bluetooth transmission, audio signals are subjected to compression, whereas in SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent On Ear Headphones, audio quality is almost indifferent from the source. This special 2.4GHz Kleer 3.5mm audio dongle allows you to listen to robust music with crystal clarity and deep base which you may not experience on a Bluetooth headphone system. Listen to ultimate 16-bit CD-quality resolution sounds with quality unchanged. Do not worry when the batteries are out of juice. This headphone is compatible with a 3.5mm jack which allows you to use it with a wire. The wire cord features a one button/mic unit which makes the headphone usable as a hands-free device on your mobile phone. A USB wall adapter for charging is also included in the package.

Other Specifications

Buttons on the ear cups are quite easy to work with. On the left ear cup you find the power button and another button for bass boost and SYNCing. Right ear cup is embedded with four buttons for volume up, volume down, next track and previous track. They are almost identifiable with touch. With a gentle click, you can control the headphone system easily. This wireless headphone system has an operational range of nearly 50 feet away from the Kleer dongle. Pairing the headphone with the dongle is notably simple. The SYNC button is available for synchronizing purposes. Hold it down for a couple of seconds to pair the headphone.

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