Syllable G15 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Reduction Cancellation Headphones Review


Syllable G15 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Reduction Cancellation Headphones

The Syllable G15 is extremely solid and has an extremely vibrant design. It is an extremely versatile pair of headphones and has multiple functions that will serve an array of purposes. It is also an extremely worth buy, and for the amount of options these headphones provide, the price is quite low.

Design and Features

As you can see, the Syllable G15 is sleek and solid in its design. It looks very fashionable, and in fact looks like a headphone that costs much more. It is available in various colours (which all look quite vibrant – especially the white) to match your personal preference. The headphones are foldable – and as with the case of most foldable headphones, this contributes to its durability too. It is convenient to carry about due to this feature. The design structure is quite standard. It is an ‘over the ear headphone’, fitting quite snugly. Generally, quite comfortable and it does not cause you to sweat around your ears like certain headphones of similar design. It comes with protein leather earmuffs – good quality and comfort.
The Syllable G15 is an extremely versatile headphone. It has Bluetooth connectivity, but also gives you the option of plugging it in to your device. The Bluetooth option is quite convenient when using these headphones with your TV or even Skype. It has volume control and track control buttons and has a button for powering off, powering off and answering calls. These features are extremely useful when using the Syllable G15 with your television or mobile phone. It is quite easy to use and get familiar with, but it does come with a comprehensive user manual with all required details. The G15 has a rechargeable lithium battery, with an average battery life of about 5 hours. Though this is not the best, obviously, given the price and quality of sound etc, it is not a huge flaw either. It has a charging time of around 2 to 3 hours. The package also comes with a USB charging cable, a audio cable for physical connection, and a 2 pin aircraft convertor. The headphones are of average size and weigh at 176 g.

Performance related specifications

The Syllable G15 has a Noise Reduction/ Cancellation technology. Noise cancelling is a process where ambient sound is reduced or cancelled, by the headphones actively playing an inverted waveform to match and thereby cancel out this ambient – or background noise. In terms of noise cancellation or reduction, the G15 is quite efficient. These headphones reduce noise by 10DB to 15DB. And the use of this technology is quite evident. In addition, it also has a significant amount of noise isolation – a feature where exterior background noise is reduced, simply by being a snug fit. These features contribute to the overall sound quality of the G15, which is quite outstanding. It should be noted that there is a slight variation of quality when the headphones are functioning via Bluetooth and the physical connection. When connected, the sound quality is superb – crisp and clear mid and high ranges, and an excellent responsiveness to bass. The quality is still quite commendable even when used via Bluetooth, but the mid range tends to drop slightly, making the highs and lows to slightly pop. However, the sound quality is still extremely acceptable – especially if it’s for general use such as for your TV or Skype. For a more serious audiophile, plugging the headphones to the audio cable is recommended. The Syllable G15 plays a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Using V2.1 Bluetooth, it has a connectivity range of about 40m. However for optimal connectivity without any obstacles, being within a radius of 10m is recommended. In addition, the G15 has an built-in microphone, which is of good quality.

Pros –

Going through a quick overview of the pros, the Syllable G15 looks extremely fashionable with its sleek design and vibrant colours. It is foldable and therefore easily transportable as well. It has a solid build and is quite durable – highly worth for its price. The sound quality is quite remarkable, especially when connected directly to a device. The Bluetooth connectivity is satisfactory even at a long distance, and quite good at short distances.

……… and Cons

The only minor glitch in the Syllable G15 is the battery life of 5 hours. This is however, quite acceptable and should not be an inconvenience if it is mainly for home use and not for long journeys.


The Syllable G15 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Noise Reduction are an extremely worth buy. At its retail price, it matches the quality of headphones which are way more expensive. For its design and overall sound quality these headphones are a valuable investment!

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