Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphone Review


Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones + DB Tech Digital to Analog Audio Converter For TVs with a Digital Optical Output

If you have been looking for a great audio experience at home for an affordable price, this is it. This high quality headphone system does all what it says. Despite its cost, quality of the music this headphone delivers is unbelievable. Sony is synonymous with high quality. This ultimate wireless headphone system is no exception. Enjoy all your favorite TV programs any distance away from the TV (up to 150 feet). Dive in the ocean of natural quality music which will touch your senses. Experience the convenience of listening to music from a wireless headphone. No messy wires to tangle you while you’re relaxing in the comfort of your couch.

Comfort is a Priority

Comfort and convenience are two foremost priorities which have to be taken in to account when selecting a headphone system. You never know for how long you will have to wear a headphone once you sit in front of the TV. Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones are designed to offer you the highest comfort during long viewing sessions. It is light weight and quite comfortable with ear pads and headband made with ultra-soft finest quality material. With the batteries it weighs only 10.59 Oz. Adjusting is very easy and smart that it will fit your ears perfectly without causing any pain or headaches. It comes with an open-air design allowing you to hear ambient sounds without completely sealing them. Power button and volume controllers are mounted on the headphones. An LED indicator indicates ON/OFF status. Controllers work like a charm even at the lowest radio signal strength. Walk around the house doing your chores listening to your favorite music without having to walk to the TV set constantly.

High Quality Sounds

It delivers a sound quality of an unmatchable standard with a deep bass, wider dynamic range and low distortion, using large 40mm driver units. PET diaphragms integrated ensure high rigidity of the transmission for minimum distortion. Empowered with powerful Ferrite magnets, this headphone system produces an ample sound output combining power and the small size. Enjoy your favorite TV programs, movies, music and games; experience sounds of a whole new level. The wide frequency range of 10Hz to 22000Hz delivers a pristine quality audio, coupled with the cutting edge noise cancellation technology. Noise reduction is done continuously in reciprocal steps of signal transmission and conversion.

Technical Specifications

Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones come with a dedicated DB Tech Digital to Analog Converter unit which effectively convert digital signals into analog signals which are then transmitted to the headphones by the transmitter unit. This small device enables you to use this headphone system with your latest TV model or audio setup. It converts sound signals without affecting on the quality. Interface includes an Optical Toslink as in your TV output and also analog RCA R/L and AUX 3.5mm jack. The package includes a 6 foot fiber optic heavy duty extra durable Toslink optical cable with gold plated connector tips.
The transmitter sends radio signals which are received by the wireless headphone and then converted into sound. Unlike other wireless transmission means, radio transmission is quite user-friendly because it allows the user to enjoy music staying away from the vicinity of the transmitter unit. It is powerful enough to send radio signals even through walls delivering the listener an audio entertainment of lossless quality. Base unit (transmitter unit) of Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphone supports an operational distance of up to 150ft with no interference at all. It allows high fidelity powerful sound reproduction which distributes signals to every point within the radius of 150ft from the base unit. A 3 channel selection option offers you to select between scanning signals automatically and manually to ensure highest reception with zero interference.
Due to low power consumption rate of the device, it can continuously work up to 25 hours giving the user hours of uninterrupted entertainment. The integrated rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride battery can be fully charged in less than three and half hours by simply placing it on the base unit. No external chargers or cables are needed. The smart recharging mechanism of this headphone system is an added convenience to the user. Also, you may use standard AA size alkaline batteries with the headphone in case of need.
Buy Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones with DB Tech Digital to Analog Audio Converter at a very reasonable price from our website. Enjoy and experience the high quality of Sony headphone systems. Make it yours while it is available.


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