Sony MDR-DS7500 Wireless Digital Surround Headphones System Review


Sony MDR-DS7500 Wireless Digital Surround Headphones System

Sony released the world’s first wireless headphone system with three HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs on the transponder unit – Sony MDR-DS7500, in 2011. It is a device that supports high-end audio technology as of today. Experience the lossless quality of 7.1 audio formats including 7.1 PCM when connected to a PCM supporting Blu-ray player. This premium quality wireless headphone system is ideal for music lovers who expect a higher level of satisfaction from their sound system. This perfectly suits consumers who have a Blu-ray player with two HDMI outputs or an A/V receiver with two HDMI outputs. Others do not bother. The headphone comes with a HDMI output for those of you who have Blu-ray players and A/V receivers with single HDMI outputs too.
Initially, this high-tech headphone system was available only in Japan. Consumers from the USA had to import lots paying additional costs in years 2011 and 2012. But today, it is available in United States at very reasonable prices in our stores. Sony is highly unlikely to release another HDMI supporting headphone system in the US that would be similar to the Sony MDR-DS7500. There will be other wireless headphone systems that support HDMI technology, but not Sony MDR-DS7500. This particular sound device is unique and unmatched. It beats many of the currently available 7.1 PCM and 7.1 lossless audio headphones in the market. HDMI is becoming world popular by the day. Buy a Sony MDR-DS7500 headphone for TV and enjoy great sounds before everyone has it.

High quality surround sounds

Sony claims MDR-DS7500 is the world’s first wireless headphones which come with digital surround sound capabilities. It is equipped with the latest audio processing chip designed by Sony for surround sounds with up to 7.1 channel audio support. This premium headphone is also capable of reproducing surround sounds from stereo signals with the support of Dolby Pro Logic IIz technology. The sound it produces is of immaculate standard which is almost natural and close to the origin. Built in speakers support a response range from 5Hz to 25000Hz. The state-of-the-art decoder is integrated with the support for any audio format existing in the world. It is compatible with an array of audio formats including the few listed below.



DTS 96/24

DTS-HD Master Audio

Dolby True HD

Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Pro Logic

Dolby Pro Logic IIz



Plain old linear PCM 7.1 and 5.1 channel variations

A great audio experience with super comfort

It supports 3D television sets giving you an exceptionally natural three dimensional experience. 7.1 channel audio processing is smart and delivers you great sounds to experience an almost real-time indulgence in the virtual scene. Without a Sony MDR-DS7500 wireless premium headphone on your head, your Full HD 3D television is of underuse. External design of the headphone is also very catchy. It goes with the cutting-edge features it offers. Matte black surface with Sony logo reflects the high-end quality of the device. We highly recommend you this headphone system if your expectation from a headphone system is exceptional.
High quality sound is delivered with a sense of great comfort provided by highly flexible ear pads redesigned by Sony using premium leather. They will cover your ears without pressing on the earlobes, giving you an ultimate audio entertainment which you can enjoy for hours with comfort. It is also designed with enough flexibility to not press on the arms of 3D glasses when you wear them. Enjoy prolonged view sessions with no headaches. Despite the full size, the headphone system weighs 325g with integrated rechargeable batteries. One very significant feature of Sony MDR-DS7500 is its incredible listening time which allows you to listen to your favorite music for around 18 hours continuously. The transmitter unit also features an incredible operational range which allows you to walk around wearing it. Use it with your laptop for an excellent gaming experience. If your laptop supports 7.1 channels audio, this headphone unit is going to give you the best gaming experience in your life. Since future multimedia devices are all certain of coming with HDMI outputs, you will be able to use this headphone system for decades. Its high quality construction gives it the guarantee of a longer use with durability.
Sony is synonymous with excellent quality and customer satisfaction. That is in fact why Sony has thrived to become one of the world’s top electronic enterprises. This high-end wireless headphone system is a result of their years of research and innovation.

Here is an informative video of the Sony 7500 Series.


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