Sony MDR-DS6500 Premium Wireless Surround Digital Review


Sony Mdr-Ds6500 Wireless Headphones

 Music lovers call this a killer. Music producers recommend this as a sound device of exceptional quality. Sony MDR-DS6500 Premium Wireless Surround Digital is the perfect appliance to your TV if you are looking around to enjoy ultimate quality sound with the best surround sounds experience. This wireless sound system will enhance your television experience to a whole new level that you have never experienced previously. What is so good about this headphone system? Read down to find out.
This cutting edge sound device comes with a great design which makes it look professional. It’s simply classic and matches your personality no matter what type of music you prefer or what type of clothes you wear. Even though we recommend Sony MDR-DS6500 Premium Wireless Surround Digital as a headphone for TV, you can use it with your DVD player, Stereo system, Apple TV and more. Listen to great music with the uninterrupted quality combined with incredible clarity.

Wear it with comfort

Despite its size this headphone system is quite comfortable to wear. Ear cushions perfectly cover your ears to cut down external disturbances without pressing on your ears. A constant complaint that comes from headphone users is the headache and pain caused by headphones when used for a couple of hours. But with Sony MDR-DS6500, there are no worries as such. You will not feel it on your head once you are deeply engrossed in your music. The head band is wide and consists of double bands to assure its durability and usability. It is easily adjustable to perfectly fit on your ears. The headphone system weighs 11 ounces, which may sound a little heavy. But you will not consider it an issue once you listen to the music on this device.

Use it wired or wireless

Sony MDR-DS6500 Premium Wireless Surround Digital Headphone system supports both optical digital input (x1) and Analog Stereo Input Pin Jack (x1). This allows you to use this headphone with a range of devices including smart phones, iPods, iPads and Walkmans. You can also use it with older TV models which do not support optical outputs. No matter whether connected wireless or wired, the sound quality it delivers is unmatchable. It works in an incredible range of 328 feet at maximum, which means you can roam to the end of your neighborhood listening to music on this headphone. The docking unit (processor) comes with a 60 inches (5 feet) optical digital connecting cable. It works with wireless digital technology using a 2.4 GHz radio frequency. A Nickel stereo mini plug is available for analog connectivity.

Great battery life

It will be quite unfair to not mention about the great battery life ofSony MDE-DS6500. It takes only 3 hours to fully charge and once charged, you can listen to music for up to 20 hours before you need to connect it to the charger again. The incredible power is supplied by a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. A power-on LED indicator will indicate when the headphone battery needs to be connected to the charger. Listen to your favorite music being in your bed itself with no interruptions.

High quality sound

Sony MDR-DS6500 Premium Wireless Surround Digital Headphone system delivers you an absolutely pure 7.1-channel surround sound experience. It is compatible with Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS-ES Matrix and DTS-ES discrete. The device supports audio mode Dolby Digital Dolby Pro Logic IIxDTSDTS ES. Premium quality neodymium magnets and 40mm driver units combined enhances the sound quality to deliver you a truly premium listening experience. Enjoy great music, movies, sports and more with crystal clear clarity. Distortion of the sound system is less than 1% which means that you will be able to listen to great music without noting a single occurrence of distortion. Frequency response works in a range of 12Hz-22kHz (digital input). Separate sound enhancer options are included to deliver you an advanced listening experience that fits the activity you are engaged in. The enhancer options are voice (stereo), cinema, game and compression.
Sony is reputed and trusted for the excellent performance of their electronic appliances. Sony is synonymous with high quality. Sony MDR-DS6500 Premium Wireless Surround Digital Headphone system is no exception. If you have been looking for a great headphone for TV, this is it. Despite the unmatchable quality and durability, price of this wireless headphone is quite affordable. Try and see the difference of Sony MDR-DS6500 today. You will find it hard to remove to the headphones and keep them down. This sound device is absolutely worth every dollar spent on it. You will never regret buying a Sony MDR-DS6500 Premium Wireless Surround Digital Headphone System for your TV.

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  2. These look just like any premium headphones, you get high quality sound and you don’t actually pay the premium price. What’s not to like, I’d pick these over any premium ones any day.

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