Sony MDR-AS700BTD Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review


Sony MDR-AS700BTD Bluetooth Wireless headphone

The Sony MDR-AS700BTD Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are certainly a decent pair of headphones priced at a mid range. It offers an excellent sound quality, and multiple features. Though it is ‘officially recommended’ for outdoor use (especially while exercising), it is arguably more appropriate for indoor use, whether it be listening to music on your mobile phone or using it for your television.

Features and Design Specifications

The Sony MDR-AS700BTD, like most Sony headphones, follows a simplistic and minimalistic design. This looks quite elegant and fashionable, and does look unique and high-quality especially with the predominance of new, cheap and flashy headphones. The ear cups are designed to be on the ear, and the headband goes around the back of the user’s head, or rather neck. This ‘behind the neck headband’ design makes these headphones fit firmly, and certainly would not fall off during outdoor use! The ear pads are of high quality and are quite soft, but could feel ‘heavy’ occasionally, especially with prolonged use. However, the overall weight of the entire headphones is quite small at just 76 grams. The headphones aren’t that large, but the ear cups may appear to be prominent. However, in general the physical appearance of these headphones is quite classy. They are weatherproof and extremely durable.
The Sony MDR-AS700BTD is completely wireless and works on Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connectivity in these headphones is extremely efficient. It uses NFC one-touch technology (Near Field Communication Technology), and you can connect it to your device with just a single touch. The controls are found on the ear cups. These include a multi-functional button for power and answering or rejecting calls. There is another similarly multi-functional button for volume control, track control and fast-forward/ rewind options. The highly functional and efficient nature of these headphones is apparent through this, but the fact that few buttons control so many options based on how you press them could be a bit confusing to start with. However, after getting accustomed to it, which does not take much time, it will invariably be extremely efficient to use. The Sony MDR-AS700BTD is specified to have a 30 foot radius for Bluetooth connectivity. However, when used paired with a pocketed mobile phone, some users report occasional connectivity glitches. These issues generally spring up due to various physical obstacles between the paired device and the headphones. In indoor use with a television, for example, these connectivity problems do not arise.
The MDR-AS700BTD uses a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery life is quite good – it will last for nine hours after fully charged. It comes with a USB cable for charging. It should be noted however, that it cannot be used while charging. With all due fairness, it does charge quite quickly – in approximately 1.5 hours. The Sony MDR-AS700BTD comes with a built-in microphone which has commendable sound quality.

Audio Quality and Performance

The audio quality of the MDR-AS700BTD is quite remarkable. It plays a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The high and mid ranges are quite crisp and clear. The bass range is significantly better than other headphones within a similar price (and functional) range. The volume itself can be cranked up quite a bit, and is perfect for indoor use. However, since it does not have noise reduction or noise isolation (the latter probably due to the design of the ear cups), in loud public places the volume of these headphones might not cancel out the background noise. That is why contrary to the ‘officially recommended’ outdoor use, indoor use is more suitable.

Over-all pros

The defining feature of the Sony MDR-AS700BTD would be its audio quality. For a Bluetooth headphone of this price range the quality is commendable, especially the bass range. It is also very versatile and efficient, and pairs extremely quickly with devices (at just one touch). The design is simple and elegant and it is extremely durable.

…..and Cons

The lack of noise reduction and the leaking in of background noise in noisy outdoor environments would be one slight down-side to the MDR-AS700BTD. The slightly complex nature of the controls may pose a slight confusion in the first day or so of usage, but this multi-functional nature quickly turn into an advantage as you become more familiar with the setup. There also are very occasional connectivity issues when using these headphones outdoors, especially when the user’s body acts as a barrier to connectivity.


The Sony MDR-AS700BTD Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are of high quality in design, reasonable price and offers excellent sound quality. It well deserves four stars out of five!

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