Sennheiser Wireless Open Headphones RS220


Sennheiser wireless Open headphones RS220 $498

Sennheiser wireless Open headphones RS220

One of the best buys for sure. If your concern is high quality music with uninterrupted clarity, this is it. Sennheiser Wireless Open Headphones RS220 delivers you the maximum satisfaction you can expect from a high quality headphone system. It is a full-size, large headphone that fits your head perfectly and plays music with lossless quality. Senheiser is synonymous with great sound quality and high performance audio devices. RS220 is no exception. Read down to find out why this large headphone system is very special.

Unique Design

Senheiser RS220 is one of the most handsome members of the Senheiser wireless headphones series. At a glance you will find it very attractive and unique. It is designed to match your personality no matter who you are or what type of music you prefer. The large size is not a big issue given the fact that it contributes to the premium sound quality of this headphone system. It is easily adjustable; therefore you can conveniently wear it on your head and engage in activities without having to hold it. The futuristic look of the device will bring you special attention from people whenever you are wearing it. But since we recommend it as a headphone for TV, you have a less chance of going out to show it off. However, this headphone system has an incredible working range which makes it operational at quite a distance, which means that you can walk out of your house wearing it. One very particular drawback of this device is its plastic construction. User may feel it unworthy of the high price since it is made with plastic. But unless it had been made with plastic, it would have weighed double, making it really inconvenient to wear and walk around.

High comfort

Premium quality black velour-covered ear cushions provide you luxurious level of comfort. The faux leather padded headband also adds to it making the headphone comfortable to wear for extended hours. Unless a headphone is made with comfortable material on ear pads and headband, it will start to feel uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour. It may also result in headache since such headphones press the ears and scalp area together like a tight fitting helmet. Sennheiser Wireless Open Headphone RS220 will not cause you headache or nausea even after wearing it for 6 or 7 hours. The replaceable ear-pads are made in oval shape to fit on your ears. Round ear pads press together your cheeks and earlobes which start to pain after hours of use. Despite the large size, it weighs only 0.73 pound thanks to the plastic construction. It isn’t a light weight headphone, but the weight is not a significant problem given the quality of the sound it delivers.

Transmitter unit

The docking unit of Sennheiser Wireless Open Headphone RS220 is completely in compliance with the standard of the headphone system. The shiny black plastic device also works as the charger of the headphones. A multi-optional connectivity interface offers you multiple choices making it a universal sound device. Connectivity interface supports coaxial cable, single sets of RCA analog and Toslink optical inputs and outputs. It is quite a convenience that RS220 supports both wired and wireless connectivity. It allows you to connect the device to a large number of different types of devices including your smart phone, laptop, iPod, iPad and Walkman. If you are a professional DJ, you may use this with your DJ console as well. This transmitter unit can be connected to a TV, Blu-Ray player, computer, AV receiver etc. directly. As previously mentioned it works in a great transmitting distance of 300 feet in line of sight and 100ft indoors. Within this range you can enjoy your music with zero noise, buzzes or sound dropouts. It uses a frequency range of 2.4-2.8GHz to deliver uninterrupted natural quality sounds.

Battery power

RS220 is powered by two AAA size rechargeable NiMH batteries, one per ear cup. This gives the headphone system a much shorter playing time of 6-8 hours compared with most other wireless headphone models by Senheiser. However it still gives you the chance to use your own batteries with the headphones on the go without having to find an electricity source to recharge the drained batteries.

Sound quality

Sound quality of Sennheiser Wireless Open Headphone RS220 is unparalleled. Even though it does not process TrueHD or DTS Master Audio onboard, sound it produces is great. Set your TV, DVD player or AV receiver to your preferred sound profile as Dolby or DTS and send PCM digital signals to the transmitter unit. Audio experience on this special headphone for TV is unique. Sound quality is not changed whether you connect the headphones wireless or with 3.5mm jack.

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