Sennheiser Set 840 RF Wireless TV Listening Headphones Review


Sennheiser Set 840 RF Wireless TV Listening Headphones

Sennheiser has always been synonymous with sound quality. Their high-tech 840 RF wireless TV listening headphones are no exception. It is an ideal device for domestic use to listen to your favorite music while engaging in your work. It delivers sounds of unchanged quality to an incredible distance within the operational perimeter. Enjoy your TV programs while working in the yard or kitchen. Do not miss any program on the TV even during the rush hours. Even though Sennheiser set 840 RF is a headphone for TV, you can easily connect it to a Hi-Fi system, DVD player, or radio. The package comes with all the necessary cables for connecting, transmitter unit, wireless headphone and a microphone.

Comfortable Headphone System

It is simple yet trendy and offers you long sessions of entertainment with no head pain. It is designed to resemble a stethoscope. It is also quite comfortable than most other headphone systems worn over the head. It is light weight and flexible. Despite its stethoscopic design, it stays plugged to your ears unless you pull it out with force. Once fully charged, you can listen to music for approximately 9 hours until the in-built battery is out of juice. It takes about 3 hours at maximum to recharge the headphones. Light weight of the headphone unit is a quite comfort to the user. It weighs only 68 g and the weight of the transmitter unit is 260 g. Despite its small size, this headphone can get loud as up to 125dB maximum sound pressure level.
Once you wear the headphone, it will automatically turn on. To turn it off, simply remove it from your ears. 30 seconds after removal, it will automatically turn off. In cases you are out of the operational transmission range, headphone will automatically turn off after 3 minutes.
Ergonomic controls of this TV listening system make it quite easy to work with. A large volume control is attached to the stethoscope style headphone to adjust the volume and the balance control which allows you to adjust the balance of left and right speakers to hear from both sides equally.

Powerful Transmitter Unit

The headphone set features a powerful transmitter system which sends audio signals to the headphone system. Once you connect this device to your TV, it will start to broadcast audio signals which will be detected and converted to sounds by the headphone system to deliver you an outstanding listening experience. It broadcasts robust audio signals in a range of up to 100 meters away from the transmitter unit. It can transmit audio signals even through walls offering you ultimate mobility throughout the place. TV set or source of playback does not have to be in vicinity in order to receive signals. This is one of the most attractive advantages of using radio transmission for wireless listening. Total harmonic distortion is less than 1% which results in lossless audio quality in which sounds delivered by the headphone is almost indifferent from the sounds created by the source. Sennheiser Set 840 RF supports a frequency range of 50Hz – 16000Hz delivering you natural sounds.
This transmitter unit also works as a charger which recharges the headphones battery when docked on the base. It takes around 3 hours to fully charge the battery. Sennheiser Set 840 RF is operational up to 9 hours with fully charged batteries. Headphones come with built-in lithium-polymer battery to ensure this long listening capability of the device.
Transmitter unit’s power is supplied with the provided AC power supply with the attached 6.5 DC cord.

Other Specifications

Transmitter unit of Sennheiser Set 840 RF can be connected to the TV or Hi-Fi system either by using the 3.5mm audio cable or using the provided minijack-to-RCA cable or ¼” adaptor. Alternatively, you can use the special microphone provided to transmit sounds from one end to the other. The sensitive mic is attached to a 48” cord which terminates at a 3.5mm jack that can be connected to the transmitter unit. Place the mic in front of the TV speaker and let the device do the rest. With this feature, you will find Sennheiser Set 840 RF a multipurpose communicator rather than being a wireless TV listening headphone.

What’s in the Box:

Wireless headphone (RR 840 Stethoset receiver)
TR 840 transmitter unit
Two pairs of silicon ear-inserts
One pair of foam ear-inserts
Power supply with DC converter
TV SCART adaptor
TV RCA adaptor
TV connection cable (with 3.5mm stereo jack)
Adaptor to ¼” jack socket
User’s manual
Installation description with diagram

Here is an informative video.


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