Sennheiser IS850 Premium Wireless Headphones


Sennheiser IS850 Premium Wireless Headphones

Experience the wireless revolution of Senheiser high-end headphone systems. Senheiser IS850 is the wireless version of Senheiser HD 580 and HD 600. Try this revolutionary headphone system on your ears and experience real quality Music and Theater Perfection. You will realize the difference of a headphone and a great headphone. Senheiser IS850 is a great headphone for TV, if that is what you need. It will play great music from your DVD player or AV receiver and entertain you to deliver you a sense of maximum satisfaction. Specialty of any Senheiser headphone system is its ability to produce high quality music as closely as possible to the original.

Offbeat Design

Senheiser IS850 wireless headphone is at a glance a different type of an audio device. It is unique from all the currently available headphones in the market. No wonder why Senheiser released it as a limited edition. It may feel a little weird to wear such a sophisticated headphone, but it is all worth it. The system comes with a high quality digital infrared transmitter and a digital to analog converter. It is also equipped with a pair of top-of-the-line stereo headphones. This is very special because it is the world’s first infrared headphone system with digital transmission. The introductory price was $1300 which made Senheiser IS850 the most expensive headphone on the planet.

Versatile Use

This headphone system integrates an infrared transmitter which can be connected to either digital or analog signal sources such as televisions, DVD players, amplifiers, DSR tuners, etc. The headphone is smart to detect optically transmitted digital signals of various sampling frequencies and process and convert them into analog. Gold-plated cinch sockets receive analog signals which are then digitized 64 times in order to convert into digital signals.

Incredible Sound Quality

Noise and distortion is cancelled by an integrated system of an anti-aliasing filter. It delivers a sound of unmatchable quality. The natural, wonderful bass tonality in non-fatiguing midrange is absolutely unique which cannot be experienced on another pair of headphones. The dynamic contrast and impact also enhances the listener’s experience. One drawback of the headphone system is its inability increase the volume to a loud level. It is perhaps due to the small 2 AA size rechargeable battery powered amplifiers on board. Hiss reduction is significant in this audio device which reduces the hiss to a very low level at which hiss is not even slightly audible.Even though this does not use modern technologies like Bluetooth or Kleer audio, it is unparalleled in performance.
The column shape classic transmitter unit covers a wide area giving you mobility to engage in other activities while listening to great music. It also has a classic design which will match your living room environment. To use the headphone effectively, always try to keep the transponder unit at a higher place above other electronic equipment in the room if there are too many electronics nearby. It will reduce unwanted distortion of optical signals created by other equipment. Read the Senheiser IS850 user’s manual to get familiar with the product before using it.
If you are a lover of classic electronics this is the perfect audio device for you. Senheiser made only a few hundred of this headphone model to sell out to the elite class. Initial price of the IS850 clearly shows its stand. Except for all that, this sound system is terrific looking and produces deep, authoritative and punchy bass. Despite the strange design, it is quite comfortable to wear. Ear cushions are made with finest quality material which will fit your ears covering them to keep you from external disturbances while enjoying natural music. By quality this beats a lot of modern headphone models including many of Senheiser models itself. That is in fact why Sennheiser IS850 Premium Wireless Headphone is a legend among other headphones. Long lasting durable construction and Senheiser’s guarantee of the unit will also allow you to use this masterpiece for decades down from generation to generation. Music is only felt when it is heard from a natural source. Most modern sound systems use too many electronic devices to artificially create good quality music, but only a classic headphone system like Senheiser IS850 can deliver you sounds at lossless quality.
Buy a Sennheiser IS850 Premium Wireless Headphone for TV from our website. We deliver you only high quality headphone systems in mint condition. Purchase a IS850 headphone for TV now at a very reasonable price and get delivered to your doorstep. Own one of the rarest innovations in world history. You will not come across an opportunity like this again. Make it yours while it is available.


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