Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review


Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Best quality sounds are synonymous with giants in the tech world. Philips is not a new name to the electronic sound devices niche. Their ultimate Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is a powerhouse of great sounds that offers you audio entertainment from a whole new level. This ultimate wireless headphone system is designed by Woox Innovations based in Hong Kong, which is owned by world famous Gibson, makers of Gibson guitars.
When choosing a headphone for private listening, what you seek the most from the headphone could be its sound quality, price, design, durability, convenience of use, or optionally, the brand name.Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones gets 5/5 on the above criteria which make it the best buy for a concerned customer.

Sound Quality

Talk about the sound quality of this masterpiece, Philips has integrated their years of experience and technological advancements in this headphone to deliver you a sound quality of unmatchable standard. It comes with large 40mm neodymium drivers to deliver powerful deep bass with clear treble sounds. Comparing with other wireless headphones available in the market in the same price tier,Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is a far better selection in terms of sound quality and clarity at increased volume levels.

Convenience and Comfort

Convenience and comfort are notable in this headphone system. For a full size over ear headphone, Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone weighs less. It doesn’t make your head feel heavy after long listening sessions. This is one of the major complaints that come from full ear headphone users. Due to their large size and considerable weight, they are inconvenient for extended listening sessions. This is worse when watching movies on laptop or TV with heavy headphones. Combined effect of video, audio and heavy headphone on your head brings you head pain and nausea in the end. But Philips introduces an alternative to this problem with their innovative Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone. Comfortable ear cushions cover the ears perfectly without letting a single disturbance from the outside interrupt your music entertainment. Headband is also well stuffed with cushion to make it feel more comfortable on your head. Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is easily adjustable to fit any shape or sized human head. Philips has especially designed this wireless headphone with Woox Innovations to fit for the use of both young and adults. With noise isolation and comfortable feel, you can dive in the depths of subtle music entertainment without even feeling the headphone on your head.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Headphone works with high speed Bluetooth connectivity which makes it usable with many different types of devices including smartphones, iPods, iPads, laptops, MP3 players, tablet computers and personal computers with Bluetooth support. Pairing the headphone with an audio device is very simple. With just a few clicks you can wirelessly connect the headphone to your smartphone. It can store up to 8 devices in memory for quick pairing. Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone also supports the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology making it even easier to connect the headphone to other devices. To pair the headphone with another device, all you have to do is simply touch the two devices. This headphone features a powerful Bluetooth radio which gives it an operational range of 40+ feet radius from the music playing device. You are at ultimate freedom of moving withPhilips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone. Engage in your daily chores while listening to your favorite music or even dancing all over the place. That’s about wireless connectivity. Philips has made this headphone usable with even more devices by including is wired support through a 3.5mm audio jack. Simply plug the headphone to your TV, Hi-Fi system or smartphone through the audio jack and enjoy music without the hassle of pairing. Both wired and wireless listening is of equal quality.
Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphonecomes with a built in microphone which enables you to use this headphone as a high quality hands free system on your mobile phone. Voice clarity is remarkable and the microphone is also amply sensitive to pick your voice even in the noisiest settings.

Rechargeable Batteries

Integrated rechargeable 200mAh Lithium Ion battery powers up the headphone offering you 9 hours of music/talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. It takes up to 3 hours for an optimum full recharge. You can use the included charger to easily recharge the battery without having the trouble of removing and replacing it.
If your phone or Bluetooth device supports AVRCP, you can control your music wirelessly with the buttons on the headphone to play, pause, and skip forward and back. All in all, Philips SHB7150FB/27 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is a worthy buy that fulfills the criteria of sound quality, price, design, convenience and the need of a popular brand name.

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