Neojdx Milan Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review


Neojdx Milan wireless Bluetooth Headphone

If you are looking for an incredibly cool, fashionable pair of Bluetooth headphones with decent sound quality and battery life at a budget price, then the Neojdx Milan Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are certainly an option worth considering! The Neojdx Milan is an extremely reliable, high quality product that is fully worth its price.

Design and Features

The first thing that would strike you about the Neojdx Milan is its striking design. Though its design is technically quite standard, its finish and final design look very unique. In terms of design, the ear cups are what add to this uniqueness. The available colors (black, red, blue and white) are vibrant and contribute in making the Milan look particularly stylish. These headphones are quite slim in build, streamlined, and extremely light – weighing just 40 g. It is also fully foldable, which along with its light weight, makes it very convenient to carry around. The headband is a classic ‘over the head’ design. It has breathable leather ear cushions, which fit over the ear. One of the key features of the Milan headphones is its comfort. It is slim and light – plus, the ear cushions add extra comfort which makes prolonged use extremely easy. The built-in microphone makes it possible to use it for calls when paired with your mobile phone.
The Neojdx Milan, like most Bluetooth headphones, have controls on the ear cups, for adjusting volume, skipping tracks, powering on and off, and answering calls. The controls have soft touch operation, in par with the sleek design. On one hand, this does not look and feel ‘clumsy’ – it looks quite cool, but poses minor problems when adjusting volume, etc while using. It is initially hard to figure out where the controls are due to the fact that they can hardly be felt. However after getting accustomed to these headphones, it should not pose a big problem or inconvenience.
The Neojdx Milan has an excellent battery life. With merely 2 to 3 hours of charging, these headphones will last for 10 to 12 hours. It has an idle time of 120 hours, which is remarkable. The Milan is very efficient in terms of battery life; when not used, it automatically powers off in 5 minutes. These headphones use a fully rechargeable 300 MHA Li-polymer battery. It could be charged via the USB cable provided along with the headphones. The Neojdx Milan also comes with the option of connecting it directly to the device which makes it a versatile pair of headphones. These features make it useful to make maximum use of it, whether it be for your TV or mobile phone. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is more suitable for quieter environments due to minor drawbacks as discussed below. The Neojdx Milan uses Bluetooth version 2.1 +EDR. The connectivity is perfect and uninterrupted within a radius of 10m from the paired device. Playback is smooth and uninterrupted. The headphones are able to operate within 30m, but may face interruptions beyond the radius of 10m.

Sound Quality and Performance

The Neojdx Milan in general has excellent sound quality. The highs, mids and bass ranges all sound quite crisp, and have a good sense of clarity. Though this will not qualify for specific, specialised, high-end audio related tasks, the quality is perfect for general use. However, the noise reduction and noise isolation features are not that effective. Background noise tends to ‘leak in’ especially in noisy outdoor environments. The built-in microphone has good quality too. However, because of the slight lack in noise reduction features, the Milan is more suitable for indoor, or quieter environments – for example your home, a vehicle or a even a park.


The Neojdx Milan looks extremely fashionable. Its design is unique, and the comfort it offers is optimum. Both this comfort, and its long lasting battery makes it suitable for prolonged use. The option of being able to connect it directly to your device makes the Milan a versatile pair of headphones. The audio quality is remarkable, with well defined and clear sound. The Bluetooth connectivity is quite reasonable. In terms of cost, with the available features and quality, the Milan is a bargain.

….. and Cons

The noise cancellation/ reduction and noise isolation features of the Milan are not that effective, thereby making it less effective in noisy environments. The other minor drawback is the slight inconvenience the soft-touch controls may pose at first. However, this problem ceases after the user gets slightly accustomed to the Milan.


The Neojdx Milan Wireless Bluetooth headphones deserve four and a half stars out of five for being sleek and unique in design and providing excellent sound quality. It is an all-round performer, and is extremely worth for its price.

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