Midiland IRS-F1 5.1 Virtual Surround Wireless Headphones Review


Midiland IRS-F1 5.1 Virtual Surround Wireless Headphone


At a glance you will realize that this monster piece of a headphone is meant for an exceptional gaming experience. Its design boasts an out-of-the-world architecture complimented with a perfect color combination. This piece of a wireless headphone system is a monster among all the other models of headphones available in the market. If you are looking for a wireless headphone with high quality sounds and an irresistibly stylish design, this is it. More than exaggerating its looks, there is much to tell about it. Read through the review to find out why Midiland IRS-F1 5.1 Virtual Surround Wireless Headphones are exceptional.

High-Tech Design


First thing to talk about this headphone system is definitely its design. This is not the kind of a headphone you may see in your everyday life. It will not blend with anything around you while wearing it. The exterior is designed with eye-popping black and white accent. It looks as if it were a high tech military gear. Despite its new age design, it offers the user ultimate comfort during long listening sessions. Once you are deeply occupied in a game you never know when you are going to exit it and remove the headphone. Soft ear pads are designed in a way to deliver you endless music without causing pain on your earlobes. Self-adjustable headband allows the user to adjust the headphone as per the preference of the user.

Incredible Sound Quality


Noise and distortion is cancelled by an integrated system of an anti-aliasing filter. It delivers sound of unmatchable quality with virtual 5.1 channel true surround sounds. The natural, wonderful bass tonality in non-fatiguing midrange is absolutely unique, which cannot be experienced on another pairs of headphones. The dynamic contrast and impact also enhances the listener’s experience. Hiss reduction is significant in this audio device which reduces the hiss to a very low level at which hiss is not even slightly audible. Even though this does not use modern technologies like Bluetooth or Kleer audio, it is unparalleled in performance.
The column shaped classic transmitter unit covers a wide area of 7.3m radius perimeter giving you mobility to engage in other activities while listening to great music. It also has a sophisticated design which will match your gaming environment. The unique digital transmission system delivers minimal noise, balanced sound and channel separation over 90dB. It offers three sound modes for an excellent level of audio entertainment including best sound quality, spatial sound reproduction and solid bass response.

Rechargable Batteries


This headphone kit features an easy battery rechargeable system. Use it continuously by recharging without having the trouble of having to replace the batteries. Once fully recharged it runs for a considerable time duration giving you ultimate freedom of wireless listening. This headphone system also supports automatic power switch to conserve battery life. Midiland IRS-F1 5.1 Virtual Surround Wireless Headphones are exclusively made for devoted audiophiles and gamers looking for a real enhancement.



To use the headphone effectively, always try to keep the transponder unit at a higher place above other electronic equipment in the room, if there are too many electronics nearby. It will reduce unwanted distortion of signals created by other equipment. Read the Midiland IRS-F1 5.1 Virtual Surround Wireless Headphones user’s manual to get familiar with the product before using it.

Great Value


Except for all that, this sound system is terrific looking and produces a deep, authoritative and punchy bass. Despite the strange design, it is quite comfortable to wear. Ear cushions are made with finest quality material which will fit your ears covering them to keep you from external disturbances while enjoying natural music. By quality this beats a lot of modern headphone models including many of Midiland models itself. That is in fact why Midiland IRS-F1 5.1 Virtual Surround Wireless Headphones is a legend among other headphones. Long lasting durable construction and Midiland guarantee of the unit will also allow you to use this masterpiece for decades down from generation to generation. Music is only felt when it is heard from a natural source. Most modern sound systems use too many electronic devices to artificially create good quality music, but only a high end headphone system like Midiland IRS-F1 5.1 Virtual Surround Wireless Headphones can deliver you sounds at lossless quality.It shows a remarkable support on many devices including TV sets, PC, Hi-Fi systems, DVD players etc. Buying this headphone set is an investment that is worth every dollar you spend on it.

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