Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones Review


Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones

The world famous high-end electronic brand is now shipping a revolutionary wireless headphone to the market. Logitech’s ultimate FreePulse consists of a pair of over-the-ear headphones, a Bluetooth plug with a 3.5mm stereo jack and an AC adapter with two charging connectors. Logitech is synonymous with high quality and their FreePulse Wireless Headphone is no exception. This ultimate headset has an array of features which makes it unique and special. Design, durability, sound quality, versatility and usability put this wireless headphone system ahead of many other wireless headphones available in the market. It does not only deliver you an exceptional music entertainment, but also gives you a great virtual gaming experience. At a glance, you will realize that this headphone system is not an ordinary headphone. Both by looks and by performance, it transcends the current status of the headphone industry. Read the full review to discover great facts about this high-end wireless headphone system.Try Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphone on your smartphone today to experience music at a whole new level.

A design to boast about

This headphone system features a design, which is one of the best the market has seen. In terms of both style and comfort, this revolutionary headphone is ahead most other headphone models available in the market. In general, behind-the-neck headphone designs commonly suffer from placing an uncomfortable amount of weight or pressure on the ears. The FreePulse model manages to skirt this problem by using a lightweight, flexible carbon spring-steel wire inside a silicone headband. This resilient wire core also eliminates the problem Logitech has faced in the past with breakable plastic headbands.
High-carbon, spring-steel headband provides a secure and reliable fit. The FreePulse headphone uses adjustable silicon over-ear straps to secure the headphone in place, and although some people just can’t stand to have straps on their ears, most users will be fine since there is very little weight involved. The cushions on the headphone speakers are comfortable, and the thickness of the cushioning is an improvement over the original iPod Bluetooth headphones. By draping them over your ears instead of squeezing your head like a vice, the FreePulse headphones were easy to wear for an hour or more without discomfort.

Sound quality unparalleled

This headphone delivers sounds of phenomenal quality. Once you wear it and listen to its audio you will realize the significant difference in this device. It recreates sounds as close as to the natural origin. Most wireless headphones lack this feature given that sound waves are subject to endless disturbances in transmission. Separate Bluetooth transmitter also provides a powerful signal transmission to the device without interruptions.

Take control on the move

The right side of the FreePulse headphone contains its controls. The power button is there, which also turns on and off Logitech’s Bass Boost feature. It also includes an AC power jack and a built-in volume control. To adjust volume, push either the “+” on the top side of the unit or the “-” on the bottom. Feel the convenience of the ability to control your headphone while you are on the run. This item is perfectly suitable for sportsmen. It comes with a sporty look and a sporty feel which accentuates the appearance of the user as a sportsman.

Connectivity made easy and universal

Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphone comes with a small Bluetooth transmitter which effectively transmits sounds to the headphone. It can be connected to any sound device, which supports sound output through a 3.5mm jack. Connect the transmitter to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone, laptop or even your MP3 player. Freedom of using this headphone is, it is unlimited in its compatibility with most devices. Even an old TV set with a 3.5mm audio output can be connected to this headphone wirelessly. Enjoy sounds at their best while disturbing no one.
The small Bluetooth adaptor has a power button and a LED indicator on it to detect when power is low. It supports high speed USB 2.0 rapid data transfer technology to deliver you clear, interference free audio up to a distance of 33 feet.

Other specifications

Logitech FreePulse Headset supports steady wireless connectivity using 2.4GHz fast Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR with interference-free frequency hopping enhanced data rate technology. Recharge the headphone and the transmission device using the micro USB cable provided.
Included wireless audio transmitter transmits audio at a frequency at 2.4GHz. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack which makes it connectible on almost any type of an audio device. This enhances the use of this headphone system as a versatile audio device. You may connect the dongle to your TV easily. Connect it to your mobile phone using the cable provided. Sony audio signal transmitting dongle transmits music without compression to offer you untouched natural sounds.

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