JAM Transit Wireless Headphones HX-HP420RD Review


JAM Transit Wireless Headphones HX-HP420RD

Where style meets technology, there is JAM Transit Wireless Headphone HX-HP420RD. If what you expect from a wireless headphone system is great music with deep base and clear treble with ultimate quality, this is your best option. Quality of music it delivers is not the only specialty of this wireless headphone system. Even by the very first glance you take on it you will feel the difference and air of state-of-the-art technology perfectly blended into this high-tech headphone. Sol Republic with giant Motorola cutting edge technology presents you the ultimate JAM Transit Wireless Headphone HX-HP420RD. No matter what kind of music your ear wants to hear, this headphone will deliver it to you. To learn more about this versatile audio device, read through this article.

Wireless convenience of this headphone is quite remarkable. It works like a charm once connected to your Bluetooth supporting device. Experience the bliss of no dandling wires. Control pads available on ear pads enhance the convenience of using this headphone even more. You won’t need to worry about tangled wires and tripping over with these JAM Transit Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. They’re really practical when you’re on the go and could do without the hassle of cables getting in your way when finding that bus pass or a crucial item in your bag.

Walk with style, walk with technology

JAM headphones are always stylish and go with the trend and create new trends. This on-ear headphone by JAM is no exception. It comes with a killer design which is available in red color. Construction is done with matte red plastic for a rather fashionable statement. Ear cups are amply cushioned with high quality smooth and soft faux leather material. Wearing this headphone for hours of listening sessions will not tire you or give you pain by pressing on your ears. Ear cups perfectly cover the ears without applying too much pressure on soft areas.It is light weight and you will almost forget that you are wearing a headphone after a couple of minutes of listening. It weighs only 180g all inclusive, which adds it to the list of light weight headphones range.

The full size, on-ear wireless headphones are perfect for commuters. It amply covers your ears without letting-in sounds from the outside. Once fully charged it offers a high quality uninterrupted music experience of approximately 11 hours, which is closely equivalent to a week’s commuting. What about the attraction it brings to you when you are among the crowd?

Sound quality level: Phenomenal

A pair of precision drivers in your Jam Transit Wireless Headphones will treat your ears to some big sounds, defined by clear high frequencies and chunky bass. You can enjoy your favorite songs and albums as they were meant to be heard. Use it to listen to your favorite music, watch movies or play games. The experience will be completely different at each instance. This headphone system enhances your gaming experience from dull ordinary sounds to studio quality almost natural ambient sounds. Its special option for answering calls is also improved to offer you almost natural voices through wireless means. Included microphone effectively converts your voice into a signal and transmits it to the other end without causing a delay.

Ultimate freedom of wireless control

Control your mobile phone from a short distance away from the headphone while listening to endless music. It provides you such a convenience by enabling you to increase/decrease volume and change track from where you are without having to literally reach the phone. Play and pause music without hassle. It has an improved support on almost all smartphones including iPhone and Android devices. Without extra effort you can easily connect this headphone to your device and start to control it immediately. This wireless headphone supports a working distance of approximately 10 meters away from the phone.

Rechargeable batteries for continuous music entertainment

Recharge the device easily using the included Mini USB cable. Once fully recharged it works up to 11 hours delivering nonstop music.

Microphone included

JAM Transit Wireless Headphone HX-HP420RD is a dual purpose accessory for your smartphone. Use it as a high end wireless headphone and a handsfree system at the same time. This headphone comes with a microphone integrated that supports answering calls. Answer calls without having to disconnect the headphone from your mobile phone. Once the call is ended, continue to indulge in your music. It also supports speaker phone facility giving you extra freedom to swap between music and calls conveniently. Let your phone rest in your pocket while your headphone does the work.

Combining wireless convenience with complete control and great audio quality, the JAM Transit HX-HP420RD-EU Bluetooth Headphones are ideal for music lovers who love to chat and who’re always on the go.

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