Bluedio R+ Legend Verson Bluetooth Headphones Review



Bluedio R+ Legend Verson Bluetooth Headphones

At the very first glance you will realize that this is not an ordinary headphone system. This is a killer device. The very first impression it makes lasts to the point of listening to its music. Then you will realize that it is absolutely a great wireless headphone system that delivers ultimate quality sound. In other words this high quality wireless headphone system redefines premium sound quality. There are so many special features of this headphone system which makes it unique and stand high and above all the other high-tech wireless headphone systems. Check the full review to find out great facts about Bluedio R+ Legend Version Bluetooth Headphone system.

Stylish design and comfortable listening

This monster of a headphone system boasts an excellent technical artistry which makes it quite unique. It comes in space silver, metal tarnish and steel blue which are coated with PC+ABS material with a threefold grilling to ensure bright surfaces and durability. The striking Titanium (steel blue) headset is one of the most subtle color choices. Surface finish is brilliant and revolutionary. Metallic finish with chrome highlights accentuates the flashier side of this premium quality headphone. It has a strong sturdy construction which makes it usable and highly durable. With careful use, you may use Bludio R+ Legend Version headphone system for extended time periods. Despite the sturdy built, this sound device is not too heavy. It weighs only 239g (0.9 ounces), which is in comparison keeps this headphone system in the comfortable-to-wear range. Luxury ear pads of R+ Legend version are meant for longer play sessions. The material is composed of artificial protein leather which is as delicate as natural fur. Enjoy your favorite music for hours without any issues of discomfort. Ear pads are 360 degrees rotational which fit your ears perfectly. It is also quite easy to carry outdoors. Headband is adjustable which makes it rather convenient for you to adjust to fit your head. The foldable design allows the headphone to be folded to reduce the size and stuff it in a small bag.

Cutting edge patented technology

Bluedio has obtained patents for the special 8 drive unit structure of this headphone system. It is powered with 8 built-in neodymium dynamic drive units to create sounds, which are natural and almost close to the origin. The eight drive units include six 3D speakers (16ohms) and two woofers (50mm, 50ohms). Smooth air flow is ensured by a dedicated cavity structure which contributes to producing powerful bass effects and an accurate treble. Once you wear it you will know the difference.
Bluedio R+ Legendis a versatile audio device thanks to its compatibility with almost all new technologies. The development team at Bluedio has made this monster headphone system compatible with latest NFC technology (Near Field Communication). With a simple touch you can play and transfer music files between your NFC supporting smartphone and Bluedio R+ headphone. Keep in touch with the ever updating technology revolution in the world. Use up-to-date equipment to get the best out of rapidly developing science and technology.
It uses a high-end Bluetooth 4.0 chip, fabricated by CSR which is a world reputed British electronic giant. Crystal clear sounds are transmitted without the least destruction or interruption due to the high speed Bluetooth 4.0 transmission.

Use it as a player

One of the most fascinating features of this cool headphone system is its built-in Micro-SD card audio playing function. It comes with an integrated Micro-SD card slot that supports up to 32GB memory chips. You can play MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE, AAC and SPC directly from your SD card on the go. Integrated amplifier system delivers you great music with immaculate quality.

Exceptional audio quality

Unmatchable audio quality of Bluedio R+ Legend Version wireless headphone for TV offers you the best quality sounds imaginable. It is integrated with state-of-the-art aptX audio suppression solution which offers you natural quality sounds.
Physical Position Surround Sound (PPS8) is another technological advancement which can only be experienced on this special headphone system. It is a revolutionary invention of the research and development team at Bluedio which took almost 18 months to complete. It delivers an ultimate audio experience with a perfect acoustic structure.

Long battery power

This premium wireless headphone for TV has an incredible continuous play time of 28 hours after a full charge. Listen to the first 25 hours without any low battery warnings. You can easily recharge the battery using the micro USB cable included.
The only problem with this headphone system is its sound leakage. While you’re using it, make sure to not to annoy your loved ones or co-workers. Another minor issue is that the high glossy surface of the headphone easily picks up fingerprints.

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  1. Hi I want know if the BLUEDIO TURBINE headphones Bluetooth can be connected to the LCD TV not Bluetooth ready.thank you

  2. Hi Marco,
    I don’t believe that the headphones will be able to connect to a LCD TV wirelessly that is not bluetooth ready as they don’t have a station that plugs directly into the TV. You might be able to plug into the the TV with the headphones through the USB cable. But, of course, you wouldn’t be able to use the wireless feature.

  3. Hello,

    I want to use my Blurdio 4.0 wireless headphones with my desktop computer. I need a driver to work with Windows 7. Can you help me? Thank you

    Jack R Miller

  4. I have purchased the Bludio R+ recently, I am unable to connect to my Laptop with Window 7. I need s driver to work on the windows 7.

    Please share the link to download the driver…


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