August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review


August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo NFC Headphones

The August EP650 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are certainly an exceptionally built pair of headphones for its retail price. In terms of quality of build and durability, it is quite outstanding. In addition to this, the August EP650 has exceptional sound quality, good battery life. It also is extremely comfortable to use; a highly recommended product which is totally worth its price.

Design and Features

In terms of design, the August EP650 exceeds the consumer expectations of headphones of this price range. The build is quite solid, and also durable. The headphones are also foldable which make this easy to carry around. The design is rather minimalistic and looks professional, quite comparable to a high end pair of headphones. It uses an ‘over the head’ head band, and ear cups which fit on the ear. The ear cushions are well padded and designed for comfort, which make the August EP650 suitable for prolonged use. The long lasting battery (read below) also enables this uninterrupted prolonged use. In addition to this, the padding continues to the top of the head band which optimizes the comfort of the EP360. The headphones weigh 235 g, which by no means is light. However, the design of these headphones certainly seems to ‘cancel out’ this weight. It is extremely easy on the ears even when used for hours on stretch.
The August EP650uses a 3.7V/ 220mAH Li-polymer battery which is completely rechargeable. The battery life is 10 hours – quite remarkable for a Bluetooth headset, and the charging time is roughly 2 hours. It also has a standby time of 30 days. Thus the EP650 is quite good in terms of battery life and efficiency. A USB cable is provided for charging the EP650. It also is quite versatile by having the option of plugging it directly into the device as well. This is possible through the standard 3.5mm audio cable provided along with the headphones.
These headphones use Bluetooth version 4.0 and have NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This makes connection to a device possible through the click of a single button which makes the EP650 very efficient. The Bluetooth connectivity range is 10 m, which is quite satisfactory. Bluetooth connection within this 10 m radius is smooth and uninterrupted.The August EP650 also comes with a built-in microphone. These features make these suitable for using as headphones for TVs or mobile phones. The controls on the ear cup make it extremely convenient to adjust volume, tracks, power on, power off and answer calls. This saves you the time and energy for reaching out for remote controls, or digging your pockets for your mobile phone.

Sound Quality and Performance

The August EP650 has remarkable sound quality. It has a 30mW speaker output and distortion of less than 1.0%. The high ranges are quite crisp. What is exceptional is the bass range. The EP650 has an amazing bass range, which provides depth and groove to your music. It also tends to almost ‘boost’ the audio quality. If you are a serious audiophile and may want to use the EP650 for more ‘serious’ music listening or specific audio related tasks, you may notice the slight insufficiency of the mid range.
The August EP650 also has a certain amount of noise reduction, though this is not a defining feature of it. It is more likely to be noise isolation, where the design and build of the headphones tend to prevent background noise from leaking in. This makes the EP650 quite effective in even relatively noisy environments.
The built-in microphone has acceptable quality. It is of sufficient quality for calls and Skype chatting. It may not be optimal, but does serve its purpose, since the microphone isn’t technically designed for recording, etc. Therefore, in terms of performance the EP650 is remarkable.

Overall Pros….

The August EP650 is a high quality pair of headphones which are made for comfort. The padding makes it amazing for prolonged use. It is also extremely durable. The audio quality is exceptional – with a good high range, and a solid bass range. The battery life is good, and the additional option of a physical connection to the device makes theEP650 a versatile pair of headphones.

………and Cons

The apparent ‘lack’ of the mid range is a minor drawback faced by serious music listeners and audiophiles. In addition to this, the sound quality of the microphone may be considered a slight downside to the EP650. However, the microphone quality is negligible, since it is anyway superior to the microphone quality of a phone, and thereby technically does manage to serve its purpose.


The EP650 is extremely worth for its price and deserves four and a half stars out of five, especially for its amazing build quality, versatility and remarkable audio quality. It is a product fully worth its price!

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