Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 900MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones Review


Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 900MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones


If you have been looking for a great audio experience at home for an affordable price, this is it. This high quality headphone system does all what it says. This is a unique headphone system with many attractive features. Despite its cost, quality of the music this headphone delivers is unbelievable. Audio Unlimited is synonymous with high quality headphones. This ultimate wireless headphone system is no exception. Experience the wireless revolution of Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 high-end headphone system. We assure you that you will realize the difference of a headphone and a great headphone. Specialty of this headphone is that it supports AAA size rechargeable batteries with automatic recharging. The other specialty is, it has an absolutely unique and attractive design and ability to produce high quality music as closely as possible to the original. It is an ideal device for domestic use to listen to your favorite music while engaging in your work. It delivers sounds of unchanged quality to an incredible distance within the operational perimeter. Enjoy your TV programs while working in the yard or kitchen. Do not miss any program on the TV even during the rush hours. Even though Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 is a headphone for TV, you can easily connect it to a Hi-Fi system, DVD player, radio or even your iPhone, Smart Phone, iPad or laptop. The package comes with all the necessary cables for connecting the transmitter unit and the ultimate wireless headphone.

Comfort for extended listening sessions


Normally, for how long do you sit down with a headphone on your head? For a couple of minutes? Probably not. If you reckon it carefully you will find that you wear your headphones for hours specially when watching movies and listening to music. On this basis, you should realize comfort is one of the most important properties tied with headphone systems. Full-ear ear cups made with luxurious ear cushions will seal your ears without pressing on them. This offers longer listening sessions without the least feel of any discomfort. Padding under the headband also brings comfort and does not put weight on your scalp. Durability is a guarantee that comes with Audio Unlimited products. With careful use, you can use this wireless headphone for extended time periods.

Powerful signal transmission for freedom of listening


Listen to your favorite programs with ultimate freedom of high mobility and no dandling wires. This high tech headphone system uses state of the art 900MHz technology allowing you to listen to your source even 165 feet away from the device with absolutely no effect on the sound quality. It uses Ultra High Frequency (UHF) for transmission of audio signals.
Once you connect this device to your TV, it will start to broadcast audio signals, which is detected and converted to sound waves by the headphone system, to deliver you an outstanding listening experience. It broadcasts robust audio signals to a considerable distance away from the transmitter unit. It can transmit audio signals even through walls offering you ultimate mobility throughout the place. TV set or source of playback does not have to be in vicinity in order to receive signals. This is one of the most attractive advantages of using radio transmission for wireless listening. It also uses Automatic Phase Loop Lock Technology (PLL) Scanning System on the headphone for a high quality listening experience. PLL transmission system is also installed on the transmitter unit to enhance continuous high quality sound transmission in spite of natural signal disturbances. Total harmonic distortion is less than 1% that results in lossless audio quality in which sounds delivered by the headphone is almost indifferent from the sounds created by the source. Operation voltage of the transmitter unit is 6V 300mA.

Other specifications


It packs an attractive array of features which are exclusively available on this model. It features Automatic Level Control (ALC) technology which regulates volume when loud commercials come up on screen. Convenience of using this headphone is even enhanced by the auto on/off function. It is compatible with the 3.5mm audio jack, which supports most of the audio devices available in the market.

What is in the box


Wireless headphone
UHF transmitter unit
2 AAA rechargeable batteries
UL Adapter for Transmitter
3.5 mm Female to Stereo RCA adapter
3.5mm to ΒΌ Stereo Adapter
User Manual
iPhone compatible 3.5mm to 2xRCCA Audio Cable

Your high end TV set needs a wireless headphone to offer you the best TV experience. Watch TV without disturbing others at home, at high volume with absolutely clear sounds.

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