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If you found this site…you’re probably looking for some wireless headphones for TV. Why would you be looking for this? Probably because, like me, you’ve found yourself either disturbing your neighbors or loved ones by watching your favorite show TOO LOUDLY! Let’s face it…there’s really nothing worse than getting a knock on the front door from one of your next door neighbors asking you to TURN IT DOWN! That stinks. It also stinks when you inadvertently wake up your significant other while they are trying to sleep. Or being woken yourself by your significant other or kids because they had the TV up too loud. A nice pair of wireless headphones for TV could allow you to alleviate these problems effectively.
In our new article, we take a look at the best Bluetooth earbuds for small ears. We read reviews and talked to experts to find the best products on the market. The earbuds we recommend are comfortable, have great sound quality, and stay in place well. We also include a few tips on how to choose the right pair of earbuds for your needs. Check out our article to find the perfect pair of earbuds for you.


You might also be an audiophile. Someone who enjoys the extra audio quality and freedom that a decent pair of wireless headphones for tv can offer. So..if you are looking for this…then please look no further…as I believe we might be able to shed some light on this subject for you.


For the purposes of this site…we split the sections into three different catagories according to “PRICE RANGE” in which we will Review different wireless headphones for TV.

1.) Deluxe Wireless Headphones for TV

These will be the more expensive wireless headphones

$300+ Price Range

For example these

Sennheiser IS850 Premium Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser IS850 Premium Wireless Headphones $999.95

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These puppies will run you about $995 (used)  $1,300 (Retail)

These are very rare and wonderful wireless headphones. They are generally considered to be of the highest quality by audiophile wireless headphone enthusiasts around the globe. Wireless version of the famous “HD 580 and HD 600″… they are a limited production item. They utilize infrared wireless technology which is considered superior by audiophile connoisseurs. They demonstrate that classic smooth Sennheiser sound with a wide dynamic range from sparkling highs to deep bottom bass tones. With an impressive wireless transmission range…the transmitter also boasts a plethura of input options…such as coaxial digital, RCA and USB. Brand new these retailed for around $1,300…but on occasion you can find a used pair for less. For the true audiophile connoisseur…these wireless headphones are the epitome of perfection. However…these wireless headphones for tv might not fit the needs of the budget conscious consumer AND only become available on rare occasion.

2.) Mid-Price Wireless Headphones for TV

These wireless headphones fall between the Deluxe category and Affordable category

$100 to $300 Price Range

For example these

Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphones

 Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Over-Ear Headphone $975

These wireless headphones will cost around $222

Sennheiser uses the KLEER Wireless Audio system and an open-air design to run these power packed wireless headphones. They boast a 100 meter transmission range along with a comfortable padded fit on the ears for hours. They offer an easy charge cradle and docking station which allow the batteries to run for up to 24 hours without any need for charging…making long listening sessions convenient. For the dollar…these beauties offer an almost perfect dynamic range of sound with clarity and flawless precision. They also offer an Automatic Volume Level Control. This compensates for variances in the volume of program material in order to enhance speech intelligibility…making movies and programs easier to hear and understand. Because they are an open design…long listening sessions are easier as ear fatigue is less. However…the open design also allows more of the sounds to vibrate outside the headphones…causing a slightly less private experience. It scores well in the style department as well demonstrating a fine polished modern design. These wireless headphones for tv are easily another consumer favorite with high marks. I would personally describe these wireless headphones as a premium product with a mid-line price.

3.) Affordable Wireless Headphones for TV

These will be moderately priced wireless headphones

$100 and below Price Range

For example these

Sony Long Range Wireless Stereo Headphones

Sony Long Range Wireless Stereo Headphones

These guys will run you about $59.99

For folks who want some good wireless headphones for tv without paying through the nose…these might be more up your alley. For the price…they have good battery time…7 to 8 hours without any problems…up to 28 hours. They have a good clear sound and a 26 foot range although static is possible but easily cancelled with receiver adjustment.They come with an easy and convenient docking charger. They are comfortable and everyone knows that Sony is an excellent brand. They also have Volume Control and Mute Switch for all Samsung UN46ES8000, UN55ES8000, UN60ES8000, UN65ES8000 & UN75ES9000 LED LCD HDTV Flat Screen Televisions. This literally means that they are MADE for accompanying TV’s! Realistically…no…they aren’t going to out-hustle one of the Deluxe models and they might not be enough for the hard-core audiophile. But in the “Bang for the Buck” race…they certainly are an appealing choice for the budget minded individual. I personally owned a pair of these headphones for a good while. I’m not going to tell you that they will last forever…they don’t. But I was quite pleased with the quality of sound they offered. My over-all experience with them was good. They were good wireless headphones for tv.

How to Choose Your Headphones


1). Price

For most people price is the first and most important factor to consider when shopping for wireless headphones. That’s why this website is broken down into 3 different price ranges. You know what you can afford…and what you can’t afford. So you will need to decide what price range is appropriate for you. Wireless headphones range anywhere from $12 to $1,300 with a wide selection in between. Whatever price range you decide is right for you…there are products to accommodate you. Higher priced wireless headphones generally offer better sound quality, better reception, longer battery life and longer range. However…there are some inexpensive wireless headphones that offer exceptional performance as well…without the hefty price tag. Do your research to find the right headphones that will fit your needs.

2). Purpose

The next thing you need to consider is the purpose of the headphones. In other words…exactly what do you plan on doing with them. Different headphones fit different needs. Do you want a higher level of audio that will allow you to enjoy home theater entertainment and reduce noise around the house…or do you need a pair of wireless headphones that can also be utilized in a mobile capacity away from home via bluetooth. In order to utilize wireless bluetooth headphones for your home theater needs…you will need a bluetooth compatible tv…or a “Smart” tv. If you don’t have a “Smart” tv…then you will need wireless headphones that plug directly into the tv input through the headphones cradle or charger.

3). Comfort

Of course you are going to want to purchase a pair of earphones that are comfortable for you to wear. Are you the type who listens and watches for hours upon hours? Or are you the type that may use the earphones for just an hour at a time? If you are the type that watches for many hours at a time…then you will probably want to be looking at “Over-the-Ear” headphones that will not put as much physical pressure on your ears during the lengthy sessions you have planned for your ears. On the other hand….if don’t plan on using the headphones for hours on end…then a pair on “On-Ear” headphones would be just fine for you…since you won’t have to worry about physical pressure on your ears over longer periods of time. Maybe you would prefer “In-Ear” headphones…although I would recommend that if plan on using them for long periods of time…”In-Ear” headphones would probably not work well for you. You should also consider the difference between “Open-Back” earphones or “Closed-Back” earphones. “Open-Back” earphones will allow your ears to breathe a lot better and reduce sweating…but they are significantly noisier as the sound bleeds out. If you are looking a more quiet pair of headphones…a “Closed-Back” pair would work better.

4). Sound Quality

What you want in sound quality is the clearest sound you can get with the least amount of static and hiss possible. Also keep in mind the purpose the headphones are serving. For instance…some headphones which are made specifically for Hip Hop entertainment have a significantly increased bass tone. If that is what you are looking for…then great. But if you’re not looking for significantly increased bass tone…those types of headphones will sound quite muddy to you. Maybe you want high definition surround sound….some headphones offer this. If you happen to live on a street with a lot of traffic making noise all the time or in a home with many other people making noise…you might want to research noise cancelling headphones as they could prove helpful for your situation. The range on the wireless headphones can also make a big difference in the quality of sound you get. If you plan on walking around the house…then you should get something with a strong range that can also transmit effectively through walls. If you just plan on sitting on the couch in front of your home theater center…range might not be as important. Generally the more you pay…the higher the sound quality. Although there are exceptions to that rule.

5). Brand

Brand is actually relatively important when thinking about which headphones are going to serve your needs. Again…different headphones are made for different purposes. Some brands are known for different purposes as well. For example…Beats by Dre are known for heavy bass tones and exelling in Hip Hop entertainment. But for the purposes of wireless home theater headphones…I would recommend looking at more established brands that have been around for a long time that excel in higher quality sound. Sennheiser and Sony are really the two giants in the wireless headphones for home theater niche. You just basically have to research the different models to find which is right for your needs and budget. There are other good brands out there as well…but Sony and Sennheiser are over all the best.

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